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Healthcare Government Relations

Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry that is dependent on various government sponsored reimbursement programs, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), as well as several regulatory agencies. As such, having positive relationships with all levels of government is a high priority for this industry.


Feinberg Shopp Associates helps its clients enhance their overall relationships with all levels of Pennsylvania state government, including the Governor's Office, the Governor's Budget Office, and various departments that are critical to healthcare organizations, including Health, Human Services, Aging and Insurance. The firm also assists its clients in developing a positive approach with members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, including its leadership and key committees.

The firm's relationships with both the executive and legislative branches, as well as its understanding of the existing regulatory structure, allow Feinberg Shopp Associates to help its clients address a wide range of issues typically faced by healthcare providers and vendors participating in government programs.

For example, Feinberg Shopp Associates assists its clients in assuring that they receive adequate and appropriate Medicaid reimbursement in Pennsylvania. Our firm has a comprehensive understanding of the Medicaid reimbursement systems for capitated managed care, fee-for-service and long term care and offers creative solutions and approaches to assure its clients are receiving appropriate reimbursement from this important payer.


In addition, Feinberg Shopp Associates assists its clients with their licensure and certification needs before Pennsylvania's Departments of Human Services and Health. In some instances, these activities create significant delays for providers. Feinberg Shopp Associates assists providers in cutting through the red tape associated with these activities.


Feinberg Shopp Associates also assists its clients to navigate the complex regulatory landscape by addressing the almost endless number of issues that arise in this complex environment. Examples may include payment disputes, eligibility to enroll and participate in government programs, and program compliance issues, among many others. If you have a problem dealing with state and federal healthcare programs or regulatory agencies, Feinberg Shopp Associates can help.

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