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Healthcare Public Policy

Feinberg Shopp Associates can assist clients in developing and advocating for specific healthcare public policy positions. For example, Feinberg Shopp Associates can work within the General Assembly to advocate for new legislation, or seek changes to existing legislation that would meet or benefit the client's needs. In addition, Feinberg Shopp Associates can lobby executive branch agencies to amend regulations, change policy interpretations, or implement new programs or initiatives.

In order to be successful in these efforts, it is critically important for healthcare entities to understand the public policy framework under which public policy decision makers operate. By understanding this framework, it becomes easier to match a healthcare provider's objectives with those of government, and to develop creative solutions to specific problems faced by our clients. This, in turn, leads to greater opportunity for success.

Feinberg Shopp Associates will help its clients better understand the public policy dynamic at work behind government decisions and rules. The firm will work to frame its client's needs in a manner consistent with the public policy objectives being pursued by government, thereby increasing its client's chances for success.

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